Why customer success is NOT the new “customer service”

A well intentioned colleague recently referred to customer success as “the new customer service” in an attempt to show that customer delivery has moved on.  The sentiment is right, but the message is wrong – customer success is SO MUCH more than a better version of customer service.  It’s not just a team, it’s a… Continue reading Why customer success is NOT the new “customer service”

The Internet of Things needs substance!

We live in a connected home – my husband is a secret geek who loves all things automated.  Lights, security cameras, heating, TV, music, the garden, even the doorbell are all connected up and accessible via our mobile phones.  We have fully embraced technology, and welcomed the internet of things into our lives.  From a… Continue reading The Internet of Things needs substance!

Linking employee & customer engagement

I was in a workshop the other day, and someone asked me if you could link customer and employee engagement.  The answer is of course, yes, you can! But before we look at HOW you link them, let’s first explore WHY. Richard Branson makes it clear to all businesses that carry the Virgin brand –… Continue reading Linking employee & customer engagement

#InThisTogether – why D&I still matters

On 1st September 2017, I’m proud to be involved in a wonderful event entitled #InThisTogether.  I recently wrote a post about why I became involved in D&I (diversity & inclusion.)  This week, as the #InThisTogether event takes place at the Tower of London, I want to share why this subject really matter in the modern… Continue reading #InThisTogether – why D&I still matters

Impacting your success through your behaviour

In a recent conversation with a team member, we touched on traits and behaviours.  She gave me some feedback that I focus more on the outcome and don’t always consider people’s feelings when I am communicating.  I rationalised this comment – on Myers Briggs personality classification, I’m “ENTP”.    For those not familiar with Myers… Continue reading Impacting your success through your behaviour

Why I became involved in diversity & inclusion: #InThisTogether

Mercer certainly wasn’t my first job, but more than any other role, my passion for diversity and inclusion, and in particular LGBTQ+ issues has really come to a fore – so what triggered this? I’ve been gay all my life – although not always open.  I understand how it feels to be on the outside;… Continue reading Why I became involved in diversity & inclusion: #InThisTogether

Tier Point Runs for beginners

So you reckon you’d rather like to earn status with your preferred airline to get priority security and boarding, unlimited lounge access, complimentary champagne, and a shiny metallic card to allow you to sashay past other passengers?  This week, I’m offering a crash course in attaining status and building your frequent flyer habit! Don’t go… Continue reading Tier Point Runs for beginners