Does your business have a personality?

I’ve just wrapped up a session with our latest sales recruits, work-shopping the “The Remarkable Workshare Personality”. It’s a critical ingredient for Workshare as we build our business, and a key feature of our customer journey.

In the workshop, I shared some history on how we built a set of customer values, driven by the teams across the business and how that helped shape the HOW part of our customer experience to complement the WHAT part.

Asking the newest recruits to talk about brands they love and hate is the easiest way to get people to think beyond WHAT their role is and more on HOW they need to deliver. The sales colleagues talked excitedly about mobile phone manufacturers, sporting goods and beer brands, extolling the importance of what they liked about the products for a few minutes, before spending most time talking about how they felt towards the brand they loved. Every business should yearn for this passion, and it starts from the people you employ. Their passion is the secret sauce that creates love for a brand. Believe me, after years working within Virgin Group, I’ve seen this first hand many times!

The values that we set for Workshare remain a constant beacon for how we work together, and translating these into easy to understand personality traits – in our case, empathetic, respectful, honest, simple & timely. They help bring procedures to life and ignite passion in the people. The critical step to really embedding these traits is to involve those delivering (especially the customer facing teams) in making the personality their own.

Our customer journey is broken down into 5 primary stages, with 17 sub-stages below that. By taking the new sales colleagues through the sub-stages that they are responsible for, and getting them to apply the personality traits to the sub-stages, we’ve empower then to build our brand through our values & their passion. Customer conversations become more meaningful, questions become more relevant and meetings become more targeted – it’s all about the customer.

I was genuinely surprised by the heart-felt passion and vigour that the new sales colleagues put into this simple exercise. In our wrap up, they articulated many new approaches they wanted to apply in their dealing with prospects and customers. I guess, as is often the case, giving people the HOW (personality) as well as WHAT (process) is often all you need to bring out the best in people and ensure that even the newest recruits are helping bring your personality to life.

So are you applying the secret sauce? Do you ensure that your newest recruits get immersed in your culture to bring your personality to life? Drop me a line and share your thoughts!

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