Why I decided to blog

Well hello there readers,

I’m most excited to get started here, but why, might you ask, am I doing this?  I guess there’s a number of reasons, the ideas that keep me awake at night, the naming and terrible experiences I’ve had as a customer and the years of experience I’ve had in businesses big and small – all this collective knowledge should be shared to help others.  I don’t assume that I know all the answers, in fact, through my blog, I hope to learn many new tips and tricks, and I’m sure I’ll continue to be inspired by customer hero such as Jean Bliss, Peter Massey, Professor Moira Clarke to name but a few.  And of course, I will always draw inspiration from the very people who deal with customers day in and day out, customer service, sales and any other customer facing function.

In my blog, I’ll share thoughts and ideas that have worked for me, highlight examples of getting it right and getting it wrong and take you on a journey to question your approach with me to put the customer at the heart of your business, which leads to the three magic outcomes:

– Retain more of your customers, saving on acquisition

– Encourage your customers to try more of your goods and services, by building a trust-based relationship

– Create customer fans, who recommend you to others

I’ll upload a couple of recent posts that I’ve done on other websites, but I do hope you’ll sign up and check in weekly for my Friday update.  Until then, dear readers, wishing you a wonderful end of week!


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