On boarding new recruits to drive delighted customers

So as we wrap up or inaugural month long sales academy, I’m delighted to announce that despite a very tough training schedule, our exceptional rookies are now fully qualified Sales Account Executives, having passed the Workshare Sales Academy with flying colours. They’ve had a very tough month in London, flown in from the USA to learn the ways of Workshare. In the first week, they had intensive product training, followed by two weeks of in-depth discovery of how the Workshare Playbook works, key market segments and target sectors and a thorough sheep-dipping in the way to drive our prospective customers in discovering value. The final week was the ultimate test of building a business plan, prospecting in their actual territory to build a pipeline and a series of final assessments in front of a group of execs to demonstrate their readiness.

This is real world training, determinedly intense and fast paced, really helping the people to understand not just what they need to do, but how to do it. It was heavily peppered with cultural and values engagement, and as I mentioned in my last blog {hyperlink?} with a strong focus on the Workshare personality. Sales has evolved so much thanks to SaaS, moving the focus off competitive discounting and into a world where customer needs and pain points must be understood in order to win the business. Working hand in hand with the Customer Success team, discovering what really matters to the customer, then helping the customer to unlock value in the product is definitely the way to win business. To ensure that during the time until renewal, ensuring customer continue to achieve value in the product, you increase exponentially the probability of renewal, recommendation and willingness to discover additional products and services.

Bringing people half way round the world to train them is not cheap – flights, subsistence, accommodation and the like mean that we are investing heavily in our new people, especially our sales team. But as the flag bearers of our brands, who represent Workshare across the globe, this feels like a wise and healthy investment. Armed with the right information, a profound understanding of the business needs and acting as strong cultural ambassadors of the Workshare personality, we set the right tone for how passionate we are about our business and our customers. Our well-connected teams use an armoury of knowledge, training and contacts to set a new benchmark, which I’m very proud to be part of. As we all know, the recipe for business success is not a secret, and it’s all part of the Workshare Sales Academy:

Passionate People + Cutting Edge Product + Exceptional Service

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