Recruiting – first impression count

Over the years I’ve interviewed 1000s of candidates and I’ve also been interviewed by many different companies in various industries & countries.  Despite global unemployment levels, the best candidates are actively being sought – so how do you attract the right candidates and avoid loosing them to the competition? First impressions count – your recruiting strategy, recruitment partners… Continue reading Recruiting – first impression count

Gen Y are better at service than Gen X

I usually avoid controversy in my weekly posts – my aim is to get people thinking and provoke ideas, but this week, I’ve decided to throw out a bold supposition:  Generation Y are better at delivering service than Generation X (the generation following the post-World War 2 “baby boomers) and the generation to which I belong).  So… Continue reading Gen Y are better at service than Gen X

Customer Experience Abroad: Bucharest

In the past, I’ve posted a couple of customer experience observations from my travels, but following suggestions from a number of contacts (in particular, a certain follower named “Lulu”), I’ve decided to incorporate more of my travels in some posts. Sometimes my posts are written to inform and share my experience, but other times I… Continue reading Customer Experience Abroad: Bucharest

Back to Basics: 3 simple customer experience game changers

My time as a consultant highlights that whether you’re working in a large or a small business, the fundamental challenges are the same.  Stiff competition, tight budgets, demanding customers and a need to evolve.  Small business can be nimble but cash poor, large businesses have budget but are constrained by bureaucracy. I reflected over this… Continue reading Back to Basics: 3 simple customer experience game changers

Calculating Customer Health Scores

For many of us, the mention of customer health scores fills us with nervousness, even dread.  This metric is rapidly becoming the panacea solution to all things customer success. But as a highly complex and business specific set of variables contribute to it, each business is grappling it’s way towards building their own customer health… Continue reading Calculating Customer Health Scores