4 lessons to stay focused on the end goal

Over the past 3 months, my husband and I have been living like students – cramped conditions, minimal furniture, washing up in the bathroom sink, microwave meals for dinner.  And bizarrely enough, this has been through choice.  You might be wondering why in the world we’ve been enduring this rather “retro” lifestyle (or for those… Continue reading 4 lessons to stay focused on the end goal

Introduce customer success in 5 simple steps

Many of my regular readers will be familiar with the concept of customer success, customer journey mapping and customer experience management.  But every day, new people are learning about this change to the way we deliver service to customers.  In order to help spread the word, and help more businesses take ownership of their customers,… Continue reading Introduce customer success in 5 simple steps

Let’s talk about race

The other day, I joined an excellent lunchtime session at work, entitled, “Let’s Talk About Race.”  the point of this session was to address one of the last taboos in the workplace, to feel at ease about acknowledging that within any business, people come from many different backgrounds, ethnicities, countries and religions.  In most cities,… Continue reading Let’s talk about race

4 tips on (re-)prioritising your workload – realistically!

If, in the middle of a flight, I notice that the pilot was sat at the back of the plan rather than in the cockpit, I’d be worried.  A pilot’s priorities are to fly the plane, remain in control, and take the passengers safely and swiftly to their destination.  In the same way, as a… Continue reading 4 tips on (re-)prioritising your workload – realistically!