4 tips on getting over a negative work situation

Everyone has faced / will face many hurdles and challenges in life – work, home, love life. It’s part of growing up, and becoming who we are.  Dealing with work challenges can be really tough, as we often feel the need to hide our true feeling as we work through the change.  Having recently faced an unexpected negative situation that I couldn’t resolve, I thought I’d share my honest & open experience of how to move forward.  Here’s my 4 tips on dealing with it!

Acknowledge the impact: It’s OK to feel hurt, angry, upset, frustrated, confused.  When someone throws us a curve-ball, we didn’t expect it, and it catches us off-guard.  Allowing yourself to feel a full spectrum of emotions is important.  It’s hard for even the most determined person to move forward until they accept the situation.  By our nature, as human being, we may over-react, feel a sense of despair or take the situation personally. In the world of work, stepping back to reflect on the ACTUAL impact is really important, as quite often, you might not be seeing the potential positives as well as the negatives.  This leads me on to the second point.

Assess the change: Once you have acknowledged the impact of the change, it’s time to remove the emotion and assess the impact of the change.  It may disrupt your status quo, but pause the emotional response and think.  Were you settled into a way of working that wasn’t the most productive? Did you change you broader goals to fit with the old model? In other words, is this a great opportunity to refocus on what you want to achieve, and redefine your course to deliver?  Leading us to the third point.

Communicate what’s happening: No matter what you think, you are not the only person affected by this change.  Others face the impact of the change (for better or worse), too.  If you’re a manager or in a position of responsibility, someone needs to step up and take control of the messaging.  Don’t let people get mixed message, learn facts via gossip, or make incorrect assumptions.  Even if you don’t know all the answers, a good manager will drive the communication for the team and keep people in the loop the communication progresses.

Move forward with confidence: OK, you’ve got your emotions under control. You’ve re-assessed the outcome. You’ve managed the communication. What is stopping you moving forward?  The ripples of the change may go on, but no business stopped because one person left, no country crumbled because one law was introduced, and no relationship ended because one wrong word was spoken.  Don’t doubt your new direction, get your team behind you.  It’s time to move on – change is inevitable, so embrace it!

Maybe when an unexpected outcome first occurs, you think it’s the end of the world.  If you work through it, and engage your people, you may well find that in fact, this was a good outcome.  Good luck on your new trajectory!

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