Brexit marks the end of a golden age for Britain

I was born right around the time that the debate across Britain was hotting up – should Britain join the “Common Market” as it was then known.  My family, being left-wing were generally against the idea of connecting up with Europe and handing over power abroad.  It’s not that they weren’t liberal and progressive in… Continue reading Brexit marks the end of a golden age for Britain

#EscapeFromBrexitland – why I’m leaving Britain

In this post, which is my 200th blog, I’m stepping away from my usual topics of customer experience and employee engagement to talk a little more personally. Following the referendum in June 2016 where the British people expressed a (marginal) preference to exit the UK, on 29th March 2019, the UK will leave the EU… Continue reading #EscapeFromBrexitland – why I’m leaving Britain

Embracing cultural difference

Over the past few decades, better education, new technology, cheap airline travel, EU membership and the reduction in red tape for travellers has resulted in the world becoming noticeably smaller.  For my grandmother, the prospect of visiting my father in Aden during his military service was a once in a lifetime event, taking a lot… Continue reading Embracing cultural difference