Observations on Customer Experience in the USA

Over the festive period, I travelled a fair bit, and as always, I closely observed the service and experience delivered.  This year, my travels took me to Florida, to escape the chilly British winter.  The approach to customers in America is very different to that in the UK, with a relatively formulaic approach often used… Continue reading Observations on Customer Experience in the USA

Four signs of strong team spirit

Over the festive season, I reflected on the many challenges, successes, meetings and engagements I had the opportunity to be involved in throughout 2018.  Both with my current employer, Mercer, and with many other meetings with other businesses beyond the day job, I reflected on what the most productive, enjoyable and effective activities I was… Continue reading Four signs of strong team spirit

Three things you shouldn’t say to your customers

My husband and I made our annual pilgrimage to Helsinki to celebrate Finnish independence day, and I decided to book us into a hotel chain that we don’t usually use, just to have a different experience.  With fantastic views, pretty decent reviews and an uber-cool cocktail lounge, we were looking forward to a fabulous weekend.… Continue reading Three things you shouldn’t say to your customers

How to clear your emotional debt

Here’s a question – why is that team building days so often involve doing physical stuff together? Surely so-called management away days should be all about building strategies, and time huddled around a flip chart brainstorming would be the best use of the day, right? We’ll come back to that question later, but in the… Continue reading How to clear your emotional debt

Managers, are you listening enough?

As the year draws to a close, many of us are taking stock of the year – what went well, what missed the mark, and ideally, what we might do differently in future.  As a people manager of almost two decades, I look more closely at how I did for my people than most other… Continue reading Managers, are you listening enough?

Why we need to stop talking about change!

In a recent conversation with Rich Tuff, a member of the Mercer UK executive, we were discussing change, and how for some businesses it is celebrated, whilst other businesses fear it. Rich pointed out that kids are exposed to more information by the time they start school than many adults experienced in a lifetime compared… Continue reading Why we need to stop talking about change!

How not to deliver feedback!

For many of us, we’re rapidly approaching the time of year when annual appraisals are carried out.  For some, it’s a complex affair involving many forms and meetings, for others it’s an informal conversation, but whether you’re a line manager, or a colleague who has been asked to give feedback, here’s why it matters, how… Continue reading How not to deliver feedback!