#MentalHealth: managing workplace stress

I’ve spoken to so many former colleagues, acquaintances and friends about mental health, and the negative effect it can have on both home and work life.  It occurred to me that an approach that I was using to manage stressful situations in my dealings with work might also be helpful for others.  It’s not necessarily… Continue reading #MentalHealth: managing workplace stress

Values and behaviours – why they really matter at work.

In the process of speaking with businesses, whether to work for them or with them, one thing I always check out are their values.  It’s a great indicator of what they hold dear, how complicated they make the internal culture (and a handy indicator of where past cultural issues may have been!)  For some, they… Continue reading Values and behaviours – why they really matter at work.

#Pride: Why LGBTQ+ allies matter

As we mark 50 years since the Stonewall riots during June, our LGBT Pride Month, I thought it might be interesting to talk about allies. Of course, this discussion doesn’t just apply to LGBTQ+ community, it’s relevant for all aspects of diversity and inclusion – be that gender parity, sexuality, ethnicity, physical (dis)ability, mental health or any other part of society… Continue reading #Pride: Why LGBTQ+ allies matter

Embracing cultural difference

Over the past few decades, better education, new technology, cheap airline travel, EU membership and the reduction in red tape for travellers has resulted in the world becoming noticeably smaller.  For my grandmother, the prospect of visiting my father in Aden during his military service was a once in a lifetime event, taking a lot… Continue reading Embracing cultural difference

Sexuality & Gender: Coming Out at Work

As I approach the end of my tenure as Co-Chair for PRIDE, the UK Chapter of the LGBTA (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans and Allies) community at Mercer, I’ve been reflecting on how we have made progress in the last couple of years.  Of all the roles and opportunities I’ve had in my career, this is… Continue reading Sexuality & Gender: Coming Out at Work

Why you don’t want too many “A4 types” in your team

I’ve recently been fortunate enough to travel to 78 degrees north to the amazing islands of Svalbard, the most Northerly inhabited place in the world. A strange place of extreme temperatures, polar bears, glacier and icebergs, the Norwegian friends who I accompanied on the trip proudly showed off this amazing corner of the world.  Late… Continue reading Why you don’t want too many “A4 types” in your team

Do your people expect too much flexibility, or are you too rigid?

I recently attended a CX networking event – it’s always interesting to see what the latest thinking is and re-connect with your peers.  At the event, I met up with former colleague – we compared notes on our respective (conservative) industries, talking about the need for greater flexibility in how we support customers. As more… Continue reading Do your people expect too much flexibility, or are you too rigid?