Three people (dis)engagement behaviours to watch out for

As we head into summer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere!) and the pace adjusts slightly, hopefully giving us a little time to reflect, develop and plan, I wanted to share two posts that relate to HOW we achieve our goals and WHAT we can and should expect from those around us in the process. … Continue reading Three people (dis)engagement behaviours to watch out for

#Pride: Why LGBTQ+ allies matter

As we mark 50 years since the Stonewall riots during June, our LGBT Pride Month, I thought it might be interesting to talk about allies. Of course, this discussion doesn’t just apply to LGBTQ+ community, it’s relevant for all aspects of diversity and inclusion – be that gender parity, sexuality, ethnicity, physical (dis)ability, mental health or any other part of society… Continue reading #Pride: Why LGBTQ+ allies matter

5 observations when moving from a corporate to a start-up

I’ve spent a lot of my career working in newly formed and start-up businesses, and I have a real passion for being part of something new & exciting. However, for the last 3 years, I headed back to the corporate world to prove to myself that the skills I used in start-ups were fully transferable… Continue reading 5 observations when moving from a corporate to a start-up

Embracing cultural difference

Over the past few decades, better education, new technology, cheap airline travel, EU membership and the reduction in red tape for travellers has resulted in the world becoming noticeably smaller.  For my grandmother, the prospect of visiting my father in Aden during his military service was a once in a lifetime event, taking a lot… Continue reading Embracing cultural difference

Four signs that perseverance won’t pay off

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going“, so the saying goes.  If I’m honesty, I always felt a little confused by this statement. On the one hand, the meaning of “get going” could suggest “get on with it”.  But at the same time, “get going” could also mean “walk away.”  In this post,… Continue reading Four signs that perseverance won’t pay off

Four signs of strong team spirit

Over the festive season, I reflected on the many challenges, successes, meetings and engagements I had the opportunity to be involved in throughout 2018.  Both with my current employer, Mercer, and with many other meetings with other businesses beyond the day job, I reflected on what the most productive, enjoyable and effective activities I was… Continue reading Four signs of strong team spirit

How to clear your emotional debt

Here’s a question – why is that team building days so often involve doing physical stuff together? Surely so-called management away days should be all about building strategies, and time huddled around a flip chart brainstorming would be the best use of the day, right? We’ll come back to that question later, but in the… Continue reading How to clear your emotional debt