The role of allies in Diversity & Inclusion

I recently took part in an interview withJulia Streets and Andy Woodfield for Divercity Podcast, a series of podcasts focused on helping organisations and individuals drive change in the field of diversity and inclusion in financial services. The topic of conversation focused on the role of allies in diversity and inclusion.  As Co-chair of Mercer’s LGBTQ… Continue reading The role of allies in Diversity & Inclusion

Linking employee & customer engagement

I was in a workshop the other day, and someone asked me if you could link customer and employee engagement.  The answer is of course, yes, you can! But before we look at HOW you link them, let’s first explore WHY. Richard Branson makes it clear to all businesses that carry the Virgin brand –… Continue reading Linking employee & customer engagement

#InThisTogether – why D&I still matters

On 1st September 2017, I’m proud to be involved in a wonderful event entitled #InThisTogether.  I recently wrote a post about why I became involved in D&I (diversity & inclusion.)  This week, as the #InThisTogether event takes place at the Tower of London, I want to share why this subject really matter in the modern… Continue reading #InThisTogether – why D&I still matters

Why I became involved in diversity & inclusion: #InThisTogether

Mercer certainly wasn’t my first job, but more than any other role, my passion for diversity and inclusion, and in particular LGBTQ+ issues has really come to a fore – so what triggered this? I’ve been gay all my life – although not always open.  I understand how it feels to be on the outside;… Continue reading Why I became involved in diversity & inclusion: #InThisTogether

Diversity & Inclusion: Stop judging!

A colleague recently sharing an exceptional article about a visionary man, eBay’s Chief Diversity Officer, Damien Hooper Campbell.  Damien takes a bold and refreshing look about diversity and inclusion (D&I) and challenges us to think about it in a different way.  Once you’ve read the article, you’ll realise how we have compartmentalised, “proceduralised” and turned… Continue reading Diversity & Inclusion: Stop judging!

Let’s talk about race

The other day, I joined an excellent lunchtime session at work, entitled, “Let’s Talk About Race.”  the point of this session was to address one of the last taboos in the workplace, to feel at ease about acknowledging that within any business, people come from many different backgrounds, ethnicities, countries and religions.  In most cities,… Continue reading Let’s talk about race

Unbundling gender identity & sexuality: Trans*

In my role as Co-Chair of the UK LGBTA chapter at Mercer, I have a responsibility for supporting and driving both diversity (to celebrate and raise awareness of LGBTQ topics) and inclusion (to educate, inform and help colleagues who are unaware of or uninformed on LGBTQ topics to feel at ease.)   As part of this, we… Continue reading Unbundling gender identity & sexuality: Trans*