Are your customers “Happy or Not?”

I recently read an article on the amazing company called “Happy or Not”. (You can read the article on the BBC website here.)  The founders, Heikki Vaananen and Ville Levaniemi dreamed up the idea based on Heikki’s horrible customer experiences in a local IT store as a teenager.  The fact that even at 15, he… Continue reading Are your customers “Happy or Not?”

When is the right time to automate?

In previous posts, I’ve talked about deciding on outsourcing or keeping in house, and I’ve also talked about which team owns different aspects of your customer journey. Following a colourful discussion with a former customer this week, I thought it would be interesting to talk about when it’s the right time to automate your customer… Continue reading When is the right time to automate?

Banishing Your Inner Barbara

Why “if it ain’t broke…” thinking can only get you so far… Firstly, a small disclaimer – I have nothing against those in this world called Barbara. The mindset I’m really talking about could apply to any Percy, Georgie, Mary-Lou or Sally our there. When I talk about ‘Barbara’, I mean the persona that represents… Continue reading Banishing Your Inner Barbara