Banishing Your Inner Barbara

Why “if it ain’t broke…” thinking can only get you so far… Firstly, a small disclaimer – I have nothing against those in this world called Barbara. The mindset I’m really talking about could apply to any Percy, Georgie, Mary-Lou or Sally our there. When I talk about ‘Barbara’, I mean the persona that represents… Continue reading Banishing Your Inner Barbara

Feedback: Are you getting enough of it?

Despite the somewhat “click-bait” title, this week’s post is a serious one. As a new member of the Unbabel team, during one of our lunch roulettes, a group of us from different departments were chatting through objective setting, performance reviews and the tools we use to do these important tasks. At a certain point in… Continue reading Feedback: Are you getting enough of it?

The right way to start a new role

Starting in a new role gives you  unique window on a business.  For a short time, you see the opportunities and challenges through an untainted window.  With fresh eyes, it often feels easier to Know what you need to do and where you need to start.  It’s very easy to miss this golden opportunity in… Continue reading The right way to start a new role

Stress – managing nervous system response

Whether you’re changing your job, attending a tricky meeting or presenting to a large group of people, that feeling of sweaty palms, thumping heart in your chest and throbbing headache are all signs that you are becoming stressed.  Any event in life will rarely cause us to be stressed, but combined with other decisions you… Continue reading Stress – managing nervous system response