Handling a boss situation!

This week’s blog is about the sensitive subject of challenging bosses. We all have, at some point in our career had a boss who doesn’t listen, or even worse, thinks they listen but really doesn’t. I’m going to share 3 scenarios from my own experience, and advice on how to handle this – and I… Continue reading Handling a boss situation!

When your star performer moves on – 4 tips to keep your plans on track

It happens to the best of us: sometimes; without warning, your star performer decides it’s time to move on. With the words of Gloria Gaynor‘s famous anthem, “I will survive” ringing in your ears, here’s 4 tips on what to do to keep your business plans on track. Are they really going to move on?… Continue reading When your star performer moves on – 4 tips to keep your plans on track

Respect and trust your employees!

In this week’s blog, I thought I’d throw down a challenge to those of us who are line managers, especially those responsible for teams that are delivering to customers and clients directly.  Having recently experienced some great and some not so great service which had been directly impacted by the line manager of the person… Continue reading Respect and trust your employees!

#InThisTogether – why D&I still matters

On 1st September 2017, I’m proud to be involved in a wonderful event entitled #InThisTogether.  I recently wrote a post about why I became involved in D&I (diversity & inclusion.)  This week, as the #InThisTogether event takes place at the Tower of London, I want to share why this subject really matter in the modern… Continue reading #InThisTogether – why D&I still matters

Impacting your success through your behaviour

In a recent conversation with a team member, we touched on traits and behaviours.  She gave me some feedback that I focus more on the outcome and don’t always consider people’s feelings when I am communicating.  I rationalised this comment – on Myers Briggs personality classification, I’m “ENTP”.    For those not familiar with Myers… Continue reading Impacting your success through your behaviour

4 tips on getting over a negative work situation

Everyone has faced / will face many hurdles and challenges in life – work, home, love life. It’s part of growing up, and becoming who we are.  Dealing with work challenges can be really tough, as we often feel the need to hide our true feeling as we work through the change.  Having recently faced… Continue reading 4 tips on getting over a negative work situation

3 tips to making your voice heard

Recently, a contact whose opinion I value gave me some feedback on my blog. They told me that whilst they liked the narrative style, it felt like sometimes my message got a bit lost in my thoughts.  I really appreciated someone telling me that.  In well over 100 posts, I haven’t really heard what people… Continue reading 3 tips to making your voice heard