4 role-plays mistakes to avoid when recruiting

When recruiting for customer-facing roles, I long ago fell in love with role-playing as a means to measure certain skills.  Maybe it’s the inner drama queen in me, but allowing a potential new recruit to demonstrate their customer centric soft skills before I offered them the job was a good thing.  And it certainly served… Continue reading 4 role-plays mistakes to avoid when recruiting

5 tips on delivering the best presentation

I recently attended and spoke at a conference on the topic of customer experience.  As at every conference, throughout the day, there were many speakers and panellists – some great, and some less engaging.  For some, as they walk toward the stage, you can see that they are filled with the fear of god, and… Continue reading 5 tips on delivering the best presentation

Feedback: Are you getting enough of it?

Despite the somewhat “click-bait” title, this week’s post is a serious one. As a new member of the Unbabel team, during one of our lunch roulettes, a group of us from different departments were chatting through objective setting, performance reviews and the tools we use to do these important tasks. At a certain point in… Continue reading Feedback: Are you getting enough of it?

#EscapeFromBrexitland – why I’m leaving Britain

In this post, which is my 200th blog, I’m stepping away from my usual topics of customer experience and employee engagement to talk a little more personally. Following the referendum in June 2016 where the British people expressed a (marginal) preference to exit the UK, on 29th March 2019, the UK will leave the EU… Continue reading #EscapeFromBrexitland – why I’m leaving Britain

Managers, are you listening enough?

As the year draws to a close, many of us are taking stock of the year – what went well, what missed the mark, and ideally, what we might do differently in future.  As a people manager of almost two decades, I look more closely at how I did for my people than most other… Continue reading Managers, are you listening enough?

Creating a coaching culture

If you wants to deliver a differentiated service to mark you out from the competition, the first place to look is within your existing team.  Your best  people deliver your values and behaviours in their customer interactions, but from a line manager’s perspective, it’s not easy to bring these aspects to life in brief weekly… Continue reading Creating a coaching culture

Phasing – the best way to achieve transformation

In life, we are constantly faced with choices that result in changes, and sometimes it’s hard to know which route is the best one to take. Likewise in the workplace, any manager will face the need to make a change. Deciding on how to make the change (and avoiding too much procrastination) is never easy.… Continue reading Phasing – the best way to achieve transformation