Embracing cultural difference

Over the past few decades, better education, new technology, cheap airline travel, EU membership and the reduction in red tape for travellers has resulted in the world becoming noticeably smaller.  For my grandmother, the prospect of visiting my father in Aden during his military service was a once in a lifetime event, taking a lot… Continue reading Embracing cultural difference

5 secrets of an elite frequent flyer

I’ve just booked my 4th weekend break for 2018. What, you haven’t even organised your summer holiday yet?  You do realise you’ll be paying through the nose for that week in the sun? Friends and colleagues marvel at how often my husband and I go on holiday, enjoying priority security lanes, sipping champagne in first… Continue reading 5 secrets of an elite frequent flyer

4 observations on leveraging local know-how

On a recent trip to Poland’s capital city, Warsaw, we decided that we wanted to discover a different side of Warsaw.  We discovered a fantastic little agency online, called Adventure Warsaw!, and in our 1/2 day trip, we discovered so many historical and fascinating pockets of Warsaw’s history, had lunch at one of the last… Continue reading 4 observations on leveraging local know-how