CX Learnings from Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

On a recent holiday to California, my wonderful friends in LA had organised a few days of wine tasting in the Napa Valley.  I’d previously only done wine-tasting (at vineyards) in Europe, so as well as a great opportunity to compare “old world wines” with “new world wines“, I thought I’d share what I learned… Continue reading CX Learnings from Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

Respect and trust your employees!

In this week’s blog, I thought I’d throw down a challenge to those of us who are line managers, especially those responsible for teams that are delivering to customers and clients directly.  Having recently experienced some great and some not so great service which had been directly impacted by the line manager of the person… Continue reading Respect and trust your employees!

Why customer success is NOT the new “customer service”

A well intentioned colleague recently referred to customer success as “the new customer service” in an attempt to show that customer delivery has moved on.  The sentiment is right, but the message is wrong – customer success is SO MUCH more than a better version of customer service.  It’s not just a team, it’s a… Continue reading Why customer success is NOT the new “customer service”

Linking employee & customer engagement

I was in a workshop the other day, and someone asked me if you could link customer and employee engagement.  The answer is of course, yes, you can! But before we look at HOW you link them, let’s first explore WHY. Richard Branson makes it clear to all businesses that carry the Virgin brand –… Continue reading Linking employee & customer engagement

Tier Point Runs for beginners

So you reckon you’d rather like to earn status with your preferred airline to get priority security and boarding, unlimited lounge access, complimentary champagne, and a shiny metallic card to allow you to sashay past other passengers?  This week, I’m offering a crash course in attaining status and building your frequent flyer habit! Don’t go… Continue reading Tier Point Runs for beginners

4 tips on getting over a negative work situation

Everyone has faced / will face many hurdles and challenges in life – work, home, love life. It’s part of growing up, and becoming who we are.  Dealing with work challenges can be really tough, as we often feel the need to hide our true feeling as we work through the change.  Having recently faced… Continue reading 4 tips on getting over a negative work situation

Customer satisfaction versus profits – an aviation perspective

As most readers know, my “hobby” revolves around airports, airlines, business lounges and planes.  So I was looking forward to the latest results from Skytrax, who produce an annual ranking system, based on approximately 20,000,000 customer reviews.  Here’s three observations I made from the 2017 Skytrax results: Customer satisfaction comes from delivering the right experience… Continue reading Customer satisfaction versus profits – an aviation perspective