3 barriers to amplifying cross-functional co-operation

Early on in my career, in particular, when I was first appointed a line manager, I was always keen to minimise the involvement of other people in any projects I ran.  My naive logic went along the lines of the less people involved, the less unexpected inputs to handle; and the more likely I was… Continue reading 3 barriers to amplifying cross-functional co-operation

The secret to giving feedback

For many of us, we’re rapidly approaching the time of year when annual appraisals are carried out.  For some, it’s a complex affair involving many forms and meetings, for others it’s an informal conversation, but whether you’re a line manager, or a colleague who has been asked to give feedback, here’s why it matters, how… Continue reading The secret to giving feedback

When habit stands in the way of innovation

I spend lots of time helping people understand that the best customer experience allow the customer to form a habit quickly & easily, and ultimately helps the customer achieve value with your product. Conversely, for those of us delivering the experience, the formation of habits can be dangerous, stifling innovation, limiting new ideas, and over… Continue reading When habit stands in the way of innovation

Jargon Buster: Big Data De-Mystified

For many businesses, big data is a hot topic.  Whether you’ve got it, whether you’re building it, or whether you thinking about it, tech start-ups have demonstrated how important big data is.  But for those who are yet to take the plunge and embrace big data, I thought we should go back to basics and… Continue reading Jargon Buster: Big Data De-Mystified