Team spirit – what to look out for to know you’ve got it

One of the most important aspects of work culture that any line manager or leader needs to nurture is a strong sense of team spirit.  Open and honest communication, a collective set of goals, a great work environment and the right mix of skills and personality will help you create the ultimate team.  So once… Continue reading Team spirit – what to look out for to know you’ve got it

Internal Communication – 5 tips to make it work!

I often think that communication has been the biggest cause of war, misery and unhappiness in this world.  Whether it’s not enough communication, poorly done, badly timed or intentional misinformation, the effect of communication on our daily lives is becoming ever more important.  In the work place, most businesses are still missing the mark.  Some… Continue reading Internal Communication – 5 tips to make it work!

Diversity & Inclusion: Stop judging!

A colleague recently sharing an exceptional article about a visionary man, eBay’s Chief Diversity Officer, Damien Hooper Campbell.  Damien takes a bold and refreshing look about diversity and inclusion (D&I) and challenges us to think about it in a different way.  Once you’ve read the article, you’ll realise how we have compartmentalised, “proceduralised” and turned… Continue reading Diversity & Inclusion: Stop judging!

The curious tale of “nana’s diary”

On a recent visit to a business, I came across a very strange practice.  I met a bunch of dynamic, bright and articulate people, working really hard to deliver a great service to customers.  They are well respected and very efficient at what they do, they have relatively clear processes and  a solid understanding of their… Continue reading The curious tale of “nana’s diary”